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United Way of Will County
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GIVE- Ideas!

  • Find 10 friends to donate $10.
    Your excitement about the United Way and it's Partner Agencies can help inspire your friends and family to give and be part of a county-wide solution to improve lives in our community.  
  • Host an event for your employees
    Special events are great moral boosters that also increase job satisfaction and encourage team building.  With a small amount of effort, you can help your employees while also helping our community.  I
    • Jeans Day- Are jeans a 'no-no' at your place of work?  
      • Pick a day and for a minimal donation to the United Way Campaign ($5,$3, etc), employees can wear jeans that day.  
      • Increase this events impact by doing multiple days in a month (ie. every Friday in May).  
    • Food Contest- Are your employees competitive?  Do they like to showcase their culinary skills...or enjoy feasting on the skills of others?  
      • Sponsor a cook-off and have employees pay to sample and vote for the goods.  Chili, dessert, cookies....the possibilities are endless.
    • Breakfast/Lunch with the CEO- Is time w/the CEO, or other revered person in your organization, a hard thing to come by?  
      • Set aside some times that staff can make a donation ($10, $15, etc) to have lunch or breakfast w/your CEO and 5-10 other employees.
    • Coin Wars- Everyone has extra coins laying around, right?  
      • Place a jar in each department and see who can collect the most coins in the next week. 
  • A Friendly Ask
    It is our hope that a your company/organization will allow their employees to donate to United Way through payroll deductions..  Here is a Partner Agency Flyer and Pledge Form to assist you in your efforts.
    • Did you know....It is estimated that over 35,000 individuals at current campaign sites were unable to make contributions this year. If these individuals gave just $1/week (less than a bottle of water, coffee or soda), over $1.8M dollars more could be raised.  
    • Perhaps new employees hired after your campaign ended may be willing to make a contribution.  Additionally, maybe someone forgot to turn their form in or their financial situation has changed allowing them to now make a gift.
    • Our Partner Agencies have already started their efforts to make one more friendly ask to their staff and volunteers.   We thank them for their efforts.

  • Become a Pillar
    Members of the Pillar's Society of Will County invest in their community with gifts of $1,000 or more. Their giving has a major impact in our community because more money is available for vital services, more people are helped and more people are inspired to give.

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