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United Way of Will County
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our reach goes far, but never far away

United Way of Will County is proud to work in partnership with thousands of community leaders, volunteers, donors and service providers each year. 

Each year, in partnership with our agencies, dollars donated to United Way of Will County dollars are invested back into our community, to help people right here, in Will County.   In 2014, our funded programs collectively helped provide over 266,000 unique services to the residents of Will County residents!  

What does "unique services" mean?  That means for each program provided, a client is only counted once, even if the service is provided to the same client several times a year.  Here's an example:  Sally's grandfather just signed her up to attend Campfire USA Illinois Prairie Council's outdoor, summer camp - Sally is counted one time in the 266,000.  Even though she attends camp 5 days a week, for 8 weeks, she is only counted once.

Interesting fact!  If we were to count each and every time a client was helped by an agency (in the example above, Sally would be counted 40 times: 5 days x 8 weeks) we would be providing well over 2,745,162 around the clock services to the residents of Will County!  This proves just how hard our partner agencies work every day of the year to provide much need support services to our community!


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