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23 United Ways, hundreds of communities, and tens of thousands of people have been impacted by the wrath of Hurricane Harvey. 

United, we stand with families who lost everything. United, we respond to the immediate and long-term needs of those faced with rebuilding lives and communities. United, we reach out to those who need help and hope as they face a long road to recovery. United, we care, even from afar.

Join us as we do our part to help meet the immediate and long-term needs of those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

100% of every donation received to this fund, will do directly to those impacted.  We will work with our United Way Network in Texas and Louisiana to make sure donations reach the highest priority/highest need areas. 

To learn more about our Disaster Relief Fund, see below. 



Do you have standard protocol in your community disaster plan regarding
local fund collection/distribution should a disaster strike your community? 

Don't wait until disaster strikes to find out! 


For over 25 years, United Way of Will County, has provided fund collection and distribution  services when local disasters have impacted our community.  When the devastating 1990 tornado struck Plainfield, Crest Hill and Joliet, the mayors of each community came together and asked our United Way of Will County to receive and distribute locally, the donations that came in from all over the country.  $2.5M was donated to the Will County Disaster Relief Fund, and $2.5M was given directly to local families for their immediate and/or long term needs. 
When a local disaster strikes, and the leadership of the community impacted would to utilize our Disaster Relief Fund, a unique fund is created for that specific disaster.  Every penny that is donated to this fund, goes back out to the families impacted.

Yes, you read that correct!  United Way of Will County covers 100% of fees associated with the credit card processing of all gifts made to this fund!  There is absolutely ZERO overhead within this fund:  no UW fees, no processing fees, no credit card fees EVER!   We offer this not only as a service to our community, but it is also our way to support local families during times of distress.

With so many options for individuals to create funds online, it is important that our greater community know that we have this service available.  Many of these other online providers assess multiple fees.  One of the most popular sites used assesses 2.9% + 0.30 to each donation received, and then assesses an additional 5% when fund distribution requests are made.  By partnering with us, and having a plan in place with local City/Village leadership, we are not only able to immediately act and create the specific fund, but our service provides 100% of donations received to the families impacted. 

To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.  This is just one of our ways we LIVE UNITED as the United Way of Will County.
Contact us today to learn more about our Will County Disaster Relief Fund!





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