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United Way of Will County
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  • Rental or Mortgage Assistance  Contact Catholic Charities Daybreak Center (815) 774-4663.
  • Utility Assistance Contact Will County Community Concerns (815) 722-0722
  • Other help?  815.722.3344 or

How can people make donations to United Way?
Donating through payroll deduction at your workplace is one of the easiest ways to give.  A cash or check can be sent to us, or a credit card donation can be made securely online directly to United Way of Will County.

United Way of Will County also accepts contributions in the form of willed bequests or planned gifts.  Contributions are tax-deductible.  Ask your company's human resource director ifyour company holds an annual campaign.  If not, please encourage them to do so.  United Way cannot provide vital services to the community without financial assistance.  For more information, call United Way of Will County at (815) 723-2500.

What are the advantages of payroll deduction? 
Having a set amount deducted from each paycheck enables most donors to be more generous than they would be able to do if they gave their entire United Way contribution all at once.  Nearly everyone can afford to contribute a small amount to help people in our community - although many could not afford to give a large sum all at once.  Payroll deduction offers a convenient, effective way to stretch your charitable dollar and make a difference in Will County.
Why should I give to United Way when my family and I never use agency programs?
Because with every person assisted by a United Way agency, our community gets healtier and stronger.  This adds up to a better quality of life for everyone.  Chances are, you or someone you know, has benefited.  United Way and its partner agencies are here for everyone!  If you have never used a United Way agency service, you are an exception.  But isn't it comforting to know you've helped ensure agencies will be there to help improve the quality of life for your friends, neighbors and families?
Is my gift really important?  Will my contribution be missed if I don't give?
Yes, your gift would be missed.  Programs and services will not continue if essential funds are missing.  Just ask around at work.  Chances are, someone there has used one or more of our programs.  Your gift is definitely important.  We can't depend on others to meet our community's needs.  It takes all of us doing our part.
I have given generously in the past.  Why should I increase my gift?
Your generosity is very much appreciated.  With increasing costs and increasing requests for services, however, your gift does not go nearly as far as it may have two or three years ago.  Remember, it's clear that people who may never have sought services before are doing so now.  Think more about the current value of your gift in relation to the increased needs of those who have nowhere else to turn.
I can't afford to give much.  Will a small amount do any good?
Generosity is always appreciated.  We only ask you to give what you can.  There are ways to make smaller donations go a long way.  Why not consider giving up a couple of cups of coffee or soft drinks a week?  Modest donations given regularly through payroll deductions can add up to major dividends for those in need. 
For example, just one dollar a day can provide:

Help save young lives by training one teenager in babysitting classes and infant CPR.
Provide a year of school supplies for one child.
Provide required background checks for one child advocacy training class.
Provide 50 meals at Shepherd's Table soup kitchen.
Provide an individual with two hours of job coaching services.

Who does my donation help? 
Those people who need help the most - it could be your family, neighbors, or friends. Last year, your contributions benefited one in four Will County residents through programs offered by one of the partner agencies receiving support from our United Way of Will County.

Who decides where the money goes?  
More than 60 volunteers representing all segments of the community serve on the Programs and Allocations Committee. These volunteers are very careful to ensure that your contributions go to those agencies that serve the people with the greatest needs.

How much of my contribution actually goes to helping people?  
90 cents out of every dollar raised goes to help people in need. The remaining 10 cents pays is used by United Way of Will County office for administration and fundraising.  

How can donors be sure their money is being handled carefully and spent wisely?  
United Way of Will County is accountable to its contributors and undergoes audits each year of the dollars entrusted to our care.  Fiscal procedures are monitored by an independent accounting firm.  Additionally, the volunteer Board of Directors monitors United Way of Will Coutny's use of funds monthly.  Financial audits or our 990 tax filings are available to the public for review upon request. 

How many agencies does United Way of Will County support? 
United Way of Will County has 46 partner agencies counting on United Way Funds to support local health and human service programs.   

My spouse already gives at work.  Why should I contribute?
United Way of Will County depends upon each working person giving his or her share.  In a majority of families, both husband and wife are wage earners.  We can continue to meet the needs of those less fortunate in our community only if each one of us does his or her part.

Are all United Ways the same?
There are approximately 1,300 United Way's across the country that exist in their respective communities to build partnerships and leverage resources to create plans for long lasting community change.  Though United Way's share a logo and have similar missions, each United Way is independently incorporated and is led by a local staff and volunteers.  The work of each United Way is determined by its community needs.

Whom do I call if I or someone needs help?
Crisis LIne of Will County, a 24-hour information and referral services, will help you locate the service you need.  Crisis LIne is supported by the United Way of Will County and is operated by professionals and trained volunteers.  The service is free and confidential.  Call (815) 722-3344 or visit


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